JR Gondeck & Vanessa N. Martinez

Building a legacy wealthier than money

A Greater Understanding of Your Family’s True Value

As owners of a premier wealth-management group, JR Gondeck and Vanessa N. Martinez have worked with countless families, some of which struggle to appreciate the totality of wealth. They practice a family-value approach that is making a difference for people across the industry and affecting the business as a whole.

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Family Value at Risk

Family Value at Risk™

Inclusive Communication to Pass on Your Family’s Wealth and Legacy

When we confuse our money for our worth, we reduce ourselves to a number. JR Gondeck and Vanessa N. Martinez are helping families understand their value and creating a better way to pass it onto the next generations. In their book, they tear down the misconceptions that plague families, provide the guidance needed to open lines of intergenerational communication, and give straightforward advice for individuals hoping to create a legacy.

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“In life, we have a chance to shape our narrative and legacy for our children, our children’s children, and beyond.”

There is a time and place for everything, including sharing your life stories. We mention in many sections of the book, the need for intentional communication. While the prospect of these conversations may feel daunting, the outcomes will enrich your family dynamic tenfold.

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