Is Your Family Value at Risk™? Don’t Leave Your Family’s Holistic Wealth to Chance

The traditional client-financial advisor relationship has historically been oriented around the simple question of “How much money can I accumulate?” It’s easy to assume that more money is better for everyone, when a financial plan is narrowly focused on ROI, the real value of your family isn’t fully accounted for and its future could be at risk. 

With this assessment, Managing Directors at The Lerner Group, JR Gondeck and Vanessa N. Martinez, hope to help you gain an understanding of areas within your current financial plan that might leave your family value exposed to long-term risk. 

To take your family’s financial future from where it is to where you want it to go, you need to know where you’re starting.

Get started and see how a holistic, inclusive approach to wealth management can change how you think about and prioritize your overall wealth.

Let’s go!

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