A call to action for families alike

Family Value at Risk™: Balancing your Estate, Assets and Legacy

This book is for families and industry professionals who see the benefits in expanding the traditional approach to wealth, to include family values and dynamics.

We all agree that society is changing, and we need to meet its developing needs. This book is our attempt to rally together clients and the industry so that our concept of value and how we manage wealth evolves in step with our changing society.

Whether you are a matriarch or patriarch passing wealth to a cause or to you and your spouse’s children, blended children, or grandchildren; or you are a second or third-generation client concerned with your assets, estate, and legacy, we wrote this book for you.

The traditional approach to investing and wealth management has glaring issues with respect to the human variable behind money. This shortsightedness can spell disaster for families.

Family Value at Risk™ is the distillation of the authors’ years of experience in listening to every voice affected by financial planning. JR Gondeck and Vanessa Martinez saw advisors using a broken approach that would favor the breadwinner in the family over all others. As a result of this, spouses and families would be left out of the process altogether.

Believing that people should not be forced into complacency and that the traditional process causes more issues for families already in pain, Gondeck and Martinez created an approach that challenges the way big firms operate. Today, they manage a team that is tasked with managing hundreds of clients’ assets totaling about $1.4 billion.

With Family Value at Risk™, Gondeck and Martinez are hoping to bring their method to the masses. In its pages, readers will learn the best practices with regards to estate planning, legacy planning, asset management, as well as how to work through all of this with their family.

Family Value at Risk™ presents real-world examples from the authors’ careers and gives guidelines for families hoping to create a lasting legacy. The book also demonstrates to industry veterans an alternative method that is improving communication and adding value to clients across the country.

Learn how a family’s wealth is more than money, how to collaborate with your family on wealth planning, and how to have a multigenerational conversation about legacy: pick up a copy of Family Value at Risk™: Inclusive Communication to Pass on Your Family’s Wealth and Legacy.

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